Engage is driving the evolution of community banking

Introducing Engage DASHboard, the advanced, end to end cloud-based community banking and payments platform that will enable all Credit Unions to replace outdated legacy back office systems and bolt on services

Empowering Credit Unions to compete more effectively

Engage DASHboard provides fully automated capability that is guaranteed to reduce administration and cut operating costs to ensure your Credit Union remains sustainable… leaving you and your team free to focus on developing new business and revenues

An easier way to engage with your members and community

DASHboards powerful CRM and easy to use modules are designed to help you deliver a faster, more tailored member experience. Localised marketing support drives new member opportunities direct to your Credit Union and contributes your efforts to reduce financial exclusion and deliver financial opportunity for all in the community

Combining ethical values with the power of a national brand


In the last 10 years Engage has become the national brand for community banking. Having fully addressed the movements shortfall in technical capability, Engage will focus on raising national awareness of Credit Unions and Community banks by delivering a powerful message of progressiveness, stability and ethical values to millions of potential new members under a single instantly recognisable brand

Your Credit uniuon Graff

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