Engage is working to increase Credit Union awareness both regionally and nationally

Despite a fantastic reputation for delivering ethical financial services and unrivalled levels of customer support, the vast majority of the public are still unaware of the many benefits of Credit Unions. 


Investment in national and community awareness is needed to ensure the sustainability and growth of community banking. Engage is working to address this need.


With millions of prospective members looking for easy access to low cost ethical loans, Engage will use it’s established national brand for community banking and invest in a series of UK-wide and regional member recruitment drives designed to position Credit Unions as the nation’s financial services providers of choice.


For details of all Engage national and regional membership campaigns and to find out how your Credit Union can benefit, contact us today.

With DASHboard you can reward your members for supporting their community

As if our high streets weren’t struggling already, COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to many of our local stores and service providers.


Following the success of our national cash-back rewards scheme, Engage will now give Credit Unions the opportunity to support local businesses whilst at the same time, benefiting from increased community awareness and a brand new revenue opportunity. 


Engage Local Rewards scheme is designed to encourage members to shop local and support community businesses in return for earning cashback on the goods and services they purchase.



Each participating local business will display the Credit Union rewards logo at point of sale, along with details of the cashback on offer. The members then simply use their Engage debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to make a purchase.



All cashback rewards are then automatically collected and distributed to members every month – no administration is required from the Credit Union.

If you are an Engage Account holder, please head to engageaccount.com