Extra Support from Engage in the Coming Months

Just like last year, we once again find ourselves entering the festive period with a level of uncertainty around the pandemic and possible further restrictions. We want to reassure all of our Credit Union partners that whatever happens in the coming weeks, the Engage team will be on hand to provide you with whatever support you need.

Our priority, as always, is to our Credit Union partners and their members. So, if anything is needed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team, or your partner development manager.

Remember that, should you need the capability to distribute funds instantly to members in the event of a temporary branch closure or full lockdown. Engage can provide you with speedy access to the following payments solutions with no cost for set up.

Engage PIN4Cash

  • Send funds to your members instantly via a simple text message.
  • Send cash or loans to members who require regular, convenient access to cash but for whatever reason, cannot access the branch or live remotely.
  • Reduces footfall within the Credit Union.
  • Eliminates cash handling and minimises the risk of holding cash on the premises.
  • Provide funds to members who don’t have a bank account or Engage Account.
  • Provide urgent cash to members waiting for a replacement debit card.

Instant Issue Cards

  • Issue Engage debit cards instantly from your branch to any member.
  • Provide members with instant access to funds.
  • Providing secure access to member shares or loan funds.
  • Support vulnerable members.

If you would like to gain an insight into how these products have helped Credit Unions and their members, particularly during the pandemic. We are holding a micro webinar on Monday the 20th of December 11 am-11.30 am. To attend, please contact our Marketing Assistant, Toby Earle, using the details below.

Toby Earle
Marketing and Administration Assistant
E: toby.earle@contis.com
Linkedin: Toby Earle | LinkedIn

If you are unable to attend but want more information, please contact our Partner Development Manager, Matt Weaver, using the details provided below.

Matt Weaver
Partner Development Manager
E: matt.weaver@engageaccount.com
Linkedin: Matt Weaver | LinkedIn

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